About us

AGB Industries is focused on the two key aspects of tradition and innovation to motivate and stimulate our daily activities. Our efforts have created a flexible organization that has competitive advantages within our customers’ industries. We invest in technology to respond promptly to our customers needs. Customer satisfaction has never been a mere slogan, it reflects our very approach to our work providing innovative and quality products for diverse applications. Our activity has always focused on total quality, technical excellence, competitive prices and maximum project customization. The ability to anticipate needs and requirements and to provide total support for those who have placed their trust in us is what we mean when we say customer care. Whether measuring or controlling we are focused on everything that flows.

System Solutions

We do our utmost to come up quickly with exclusive custom solutions, and are only satisfied when we exceed our customers expectations. That’s why our R&D department is involved every day in identifying innovative solutions to our customers needs. We are convinced that each new project is an interesting challenge and an opportunity for creating something new with our customer partnership. We have extensive experience in valve automation and are here to exceed our customers expectations. We are continuously applying engineering improvements to existing products as well as adding original offerings to assist our customers in a variety of applications and potentially new markets.

New Project

We are able to develop and implement customized solutions that create value for our customers in sectors including vending and coffee machine manufacturing, car wash manufacturing, automation, medical, food and beverage, water control and chemical. Our years of experience in valves and automation allows us to solve problems our competitors can’t. A new project could be anything from a custom label to a fully custom product. We will work to become the ideal partner for our customers to successfully realize the completion of their products.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about what AGB Industries can do for you.

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